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Manuscript Review Process

When an essay is submitted to Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, the editor and/or associate editors will conduct an initial review to determine whether it is appropriate for the journal. In order to ensure diversity of content, it may be necessary to occasionally reject essays on topics similar to those already published or slated to be published in the journal.

            All submissions that pass this initial screening will be sent to two external reviewers. To facilitate equality of opportunity, the journal will utilize a system of double anonymous peer review. Referees will be selected on the basis of multiple factors, including expertise in a given area. Other factors may include previous experience of working with the journal or recommendation by an editorial board member or other specialist. Since publication and citation practices often reproduce established hierarchies, the journal aims to select peer reviewers who will help authors expand upon the sources they cite. The geographic diversity of the board will help achieve this goal.

            Ordinarily, reviewers will be expected to provide their reports within six weeks. In cases where referees disagree in their assessments, an editorial board member will be asked to adjudicate. When all reviews have been completed, the editor and/or associate editors will assign the manuscript to one of four decision categories:


  • Accept without changes

  • Accept with minor changes (subject to review by the editor and/or associate editors)

         -Minor changes include adding a few additional paragraphs, slightly clarifying an argument, incorporating a 

         small number of additional sources, or ensuring that the essay adheres to the journal’s referencing system

  • Revise and resubmit (the manuscript will be subject to an additional round of peer review)

        -Although the essay shows promise, major structural and substantive changes are required by the reviewers   

  • Declined


Each author whose submission has undergone review will receive a decision letter accompanied by the reports. If authors are asked to revise and resubmit, the decision letter will include any necessary suggestions on how to address any possible contradictions between reviewers.

            When minor revisions are required, authors will ordinarily need to resubmit their essays within eight weeks. Authors who have received a decision to revise and resubmit will be asked to return their manuscripts within twelve weeks.

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