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SGNCS to Offer Limited Number of Travel Grants for Kuwait Congress 2025

The SGNCS will offer a limited number of travel grants for its 2025 Congress in Kuwait.

These grants are open to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, independent scholars, and those with temporary or contingent employment, who have a paper accepted for the Congress. Generally, they are intended to support those whose resources would not allow them to travel to present their paper otherwise. It is unlikely that the grant will support a scholar’s travel entirely, but they are intended to supplement other resources.

In order to be eligible for a SGNCS travel grant, you must be on the program for the Congress, and not be in a tenured or tenure-track position (or international equivalent). The Membership Committee, which is administering the grants, will ask for confirmation of status before offering grants to individuals.

To apply, please submit by September 15, 2024, a one-page (250 word) statement with:

The title of your paper or contribution to the SGNCS Congress in Kuwait

Your academic affiliation, if any, and your relevant degrees

An explanation of the projected costs of your travel to Kuwait, broken down into categories such as airfare, hotel, etc.

An explanation of any other funds or projected funds which are available to you.

An explanation of how travel to the SGNCS Congress in Kuwait fits into your larger career or project plans.

Please submit as an email attachment in pdf or Word format to

Applications which are submitted past the deadline or do not include all the required information will not be considered by the committee.







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