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GNCS 3.1 "Institutional Poetry in Britain and its Empire"

The spring/summer 2024 issue of Global Nineteenth-Century Studies is now in production!

Table of Contents

Fabienne Moine

Introduction: ‘The value of institutional poetry’

Alice Bonzom

‘Prison Echoes’: composing poetry to compose oneself in British prisons (1830s–1910s)

Fabienne Moine

‘But for such Institution, / What would become of me?’ Poets, poems and poetic practices in the workhouse (1850–1900)

Cornelius Beckers

‘I too in couplets would attempt to paint / Our varied woes, and versify complaint’: Poetic Form and Knowledge in Early Nineteenth-Century Satirical Poetry by East India Company Employees

Linda K. Hughes

Parsi Poetics, Politics, and Mediation in Behramji Malabari’s The Indian Muse in English Garb (1876)

Helen Goethals

Poetry and Punishment: the unacknowledged legislators of Botany Bay

Amir Hussain

From the Felon’s Cell: The Subaltern Ballads of Lady Jane and Oscar Wilde




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