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Global Monarchisms

Call for Chapter Proposals: Cultural History of Monarchy

The editorial team for Bloomsbury’s Cultural History of Monarchy welcome

proposals for one of the six-volumes in our collection.

Please note that this call is different to a normal edited collection

where authors propose topics on varied subjects which relate

specifically to their research. Instead, we are looking for proposals

from authors who are interested in writing one of the specific chapters

(see information below) in one of the particular volumes of the series.

The framework of the Bloomsbury Cultural History series uses the same

chapter structure across all six volumes of each ‘set’--if you are

unfamiliar with the series, we recommend familiarising yourself with the

many published collections within the Cultural Histories series. Please

keep in mind that we are NOT able to change the chapter structure or

temporal divisions between the volumes at this stage–authors need to

work within the framework given.

We are particularly keen to bring a global outlook to our collection and

want authors to avoid framing their chapters with an exclusively

eurocentric focus. While we do not expect every chapter to address

monarchies in every cultural/geographic context, we do ask the authors

frame their chapter with a global perspective, bringing in examples/case

studies from monarchies in various areas of the world. We encourage you

to co-author your chapter with a colleague (or colleagues) in the field

who specialises in a different region of the world in order to achieve

the global outlook that we are aiming for. If you have not proposed a

co-author in your proposal, please indicate if you are willing for us to

potentially pair you with another colleague/other colleagues in the

field whose work would be complementary to yours.

Chapters include: "conceptualizing monarchy", "rites, ritual and

ceremonial", "religious, intellectual and cultural patronage", "place

and space", "image and representation", "intradynastic, imperial and

international networks".

Your proposal should be 250-500 words long and should clearly address

the topic of the chapter from our chapter framework with a clear

description of the proposed content. Your proposal should demonstrate

how you intend to achieve the chapter remit with a suitably global

outlook. To submit your proposal, please fill out the submissions form

and upload your proposal there, along with your CV (and that of your


DEADLINE for Proposals: Friday 15 March 2024

If you have any questions about the Cultural History of Monarchy

collection or the proposal process, please contact the General Editor,

Dr Elena (Ellie) Woodacre ( or the 19th

century volume editor, Pr Françoise LE JEUNE



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