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Society for

Global Nineteenth-Century Studies

The Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies is a geographically and disciplinarily diverse network of scholars who share an interest in the world’s connectedness between 1750 and 1914. 

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Founding and Scope

The SGNCS is an outgrowth of a colloquium held in 2010 titled "Victorian Studies and After." That initial meeting spurred a commitment to launch the journal Global Nineteenth-Century Studies. An editorial board, whose members represent more than a dozen nations and six continents, was established and, eventually, a contract was signed with Liverpool University Press. Like the journal, the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies was founded out of a similar desire to rethink the period, unconstrained by the imperial frames that characterized the era’s own approaches to globalization. The first international society for nineteenth-century studies, the SGNCS encourages a rethinking of the period through biennial world congresses in odd years and international symposia in even years, and publishes Global Nineteenth-Century Studies as well as a book series, Studies in the Global Nineteenth Century


Nineteenth-Century Global Cities and Urban Worlds

The SGNCS will hold its second international symposium in conjunction with TELEMMe (Temps, espaces, langages, Europe méridionale, Méditerranée) and the Institut de recherches asiatiques at Aix-Marseille University, Schuman campus, next summer.


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