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This page is about membership in the Society. For institutional and library subscriptions to Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, please contact Liverpool University Press

Individual and department/school memberships are for a two-year period (1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2023). 


1.  The opportunity to attend a biennial world congress within a two-year membership period

2.  The opportunity to apply for SGNCS sponsored research grants, travel grants, and scholarships (information forthcoming)

3.  The opportunity to attend various regional events and other Society-related activities

4.   The opportunity to meet, network, and collaborate with other colleagues from a variety of disciplines who share an interest in the period

5.   A two-year subscription to Global Nineteenth-Century Studies

6.   The biannual digital newsletter (the first issue will be freely available while future ones will be password-protected for the benefit of members)

7. The opportunity to utilize new features of the website to be launched in 2022

8. The right to vote in the Society’s elections and to be eligible for nomination, election, or appointment to the Executive Council and its standing and ad hoc committees


Your membership fees help to keep the Society operating throughout the year. Membership fees are, therefore, nonrefundable. 

Recognizing their contributions to meeting the considerable costs of establishing the Society, any individual or institution who joins before 1 January 2022 shall be known as a founding individual or institutional member. Founding members will be acknowledged on our website and at our first World Congress. There is no additional cost to becoming a founding member. Membership will run through 31 December 2023.    

Individual Membership (1 Jan 2022-31 Dec 2023)

New and reinstating members should establish their individual membership category according to the following graduated schedule. All prices in USD:

Individual Membership (income equivalent to $99,000 and above) $250.00  

Individual Membership (income equivalent to $50,000 and above) $180.00
Individual Membership (income equivalent to $49,999 and below) $115.00

Individual Membership (income equivalent to $29,999 and below) $100  
Retiree Membership $100.00
Student Membership (eligible for up to six years) $70.00

Department/School Membership (1 Jan 2022-31 Dec 2023) $2500.00 (USD)

  • Discounted World Congress registration fee for up to ten graduate students or early career researchers (pre-tenure) from the institution  

  • Ten copies of Global Nineteenth-Century Studies

  • Discounted copies of all titles published in the Studies in the Global Nineteenth Century book series

  • Special recognition on our website and at our World Congresses

  • 50% discount on full-page advertisements in Global Nineteenth-Century Studies

  • Gratis advertisements in the Society’s biannual digital newsletter

  • Department/school academic staff publications page on our website

Lifetime Membership $5000.00 (USD)

  • Individuals may become life members by making a single payment of $5,000 USD. Life members pay no further dues to the Society and receive special recognition on our website and at various events. 

To become a member, please complete the following form, then follow the prompts on the next page to pay your membership dues: 


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